Spooky Season Insurance Claims

Halloween can bring about insurance claims that are more frightening than the scariest movie on your spooky season Netflix queue! To help you avoid these costly claims, our insurance experts are here to educate you on some hair-raising hazards that might arise this season and how to avoid them. Read on for some Halloween safety hacks!

Halloween Insurance Claims

We aren’t here to spoil your Halloween fun! But a little preparation and awareness can go a long way in making your spooky season an enjoyable and safe one. (You’ll also be glad you avoided the cost of expensive claims that could have otherwise been avoided!) Read on to learn about some Halloween hazards to look out for.

Spooky Season Insurance Claims

1. Villainous Vandals

Here’s a grim statistic: crime-related insurance claims increase by up to 24% on Halloween night, alone! From harmless hauntings of TP in your trees to more troublesome tricks like broken windows, your home insurance can really come in handy amidst the mischief. If you wake up November 1st to a vandalized vehicle or house of horrors, you should check your policy deductible to make sure filing a claim is worth it. Even if the damage is extensive enough to justify filing, you may also want to consider how that claim will impact your insurance premiums.

2. Phantom Fires

Nothing gets you into the Halloween spirit more than the flickering flames of candelight! While lighting your favorite candles may really bring that ghoulish glow and eerie ambiance to the evening, make sure to blow every candle out before retiring to bed. Although this may seem like an obvious piece of advice, you’d be surprised by the major uptick in candle-related house fires on Halloween! While your home insurance covers fire damage up to your limit, it still may be wise to ditch the fire for some flickering LED candles. This counts doubly for your jack-o-lanterns!

Ghostly Insurance Fact

In 2002,  a british landlord insured  his pub against the hijinx of a resident poltergeist. The cost? $800 USD/year! While we don’t offer poltergeist policies, we can help you insure your business. Click for a quote!

Now that we’ve shared a real insurance ghost story, let’s get back to some even scarier Halloween claims that you’ll want to avoid! Read on to arm yourself with the knowledge to ward off any Halloween hijinx.

3. Beastly Burglars

Remember that statistic we mentioned before about the 24% spike in crime-related claims on Halloween night? Well, here’s an even scarier statistic: 60% of crime-related claims are for on-premesis theft! Although your home insurance covers damage or theft up to a limit, it’s still wise to check your deductible to determine whether or not it’s worth it to file a claim! However, your best best for protection is prevention – keep the peremeters of your home well-lit, and keep a watchful eye on your home and property for midnight monsters!

4. Deadly Decor

In the middle of a fierce feud with your neighbor over who does Halloween best, liabilities are probably the last thing on your mind. However, before you get too carried away and buy that coveted 12-ft skeleton from Home Depot, consider this caviat: if a trick-or-treater trips over your display, you will likely be found liable! In fact, one of the most common claims of all on Halloween come from a premesis-liability related accident. While we are all for getting into the spirit for Halloween, don’t over do it with the devilishly delightful decor!

Scare Up Some Insurance Savings

Now that you’re prepared to defend your home and property against all Halloween hijinx, you can rest assured that the only scares you’ll be facing this season will be from that new scary movie you’ve been dying to see. For peace of mind year round, give us a call today at (972) 771-2622 or visit our website for a quote from one of our agents.


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