As a dedicated pet parent, you’ll settle for nothing short of the best for your furry family members, meaning you probably have plenty of pet insurance questions, if you’re in the market for a new policy. From buying them the best food and treats to showering them with cuddles, your devotion to your pet goes deep. But all of that great pet parenting isn’t cheap, especially when it comes to vet bills! To help you continue to provide the best of the best for your pet without breaking the bank, our pros have some answers to 4 popular pet insurance questions!

4 Pet Insurance Questions at a Glance

While you probably have just as many pet insurance questions as your dog has toys, we will be honing in on 4 of the most commonly-asked questions in the following areas:

pet insurance questions

From choosing your vet to covering your pet’s specific healthcare needs, we will explain how insurance ties in.

pet insurance questions

The perfect plan is out there for you and your pet – we will highlight some options for you to explore.

pet insurance questions

Whether you have a mouthy macaw or bearded dragon, we will share some coverage tips for exotic pets.

pet insurance questions

And Now, Your Pet Insurance Questions Answered

1. Can I Choose My Vet?

It’s a universal truth – most pets loathe trips to the vet, and the struggle is real! But when you find that vet with the “magic touch”, who can ease your fur baby’s fears, wild horses couldn’t drag you away to a different doctor. With that in mind, vet choice is a valid concern. That’s why a great place to start your insurance shopping is talking to your vet. Ask them if they accept insurance, and if so, which providers. This will help you avoid an impossible choice later on between the right vet and the right coverage.

2. What's Covered?

Okay, so you are considering enrolling in a pet insurance plan, but what, exactly, will be covered? Well, that ultimately depends on the provider and type of plan. An accident-only plan covers anything from broken bones to ingestion of poisonous or foreign objects. However, you can invest in an Embedded Wellness plan to cover the unforeseen and the routine. The most popular plan, however, is Accident and Illness, as it covers accidental injuries and long-term illness, like digestive issues or cancer.

Pro Savings Tip:

Just like your own life insurance, enrolling a young pet is typically cheaper. You can also save some money with multiple-pet discounts with many providers! Discover more below. 

3. What Is Not Covered?

Most pet insurance providers do have some exclusions to coverage. Some common exclusions are pre-existing conditions, wellness coverage, and even age limits or caps. Furthermore, pre-existing cruciate ligament injuries are bilaterally excluded by some pet insurance providers. So, if your pet injures the cruciate ligament on their left leg before enrolling or during the waiting period, the cruciate ligament on their right leg is excluded from coverage! 

4. Are Exotic Pets Covered?

Your parrot or pot-bellied pig is just as beloved as any cat or dog – but the vet bills are likely higher! That’s why pet insurance may be an even greater priority for exotic pet owners. Unfortunately, Nationwide is the only provider who currently offers coverage for exotic pets or avians (birds). However,  there are other types of coverage, like membership-based veterinary discount plans and medical credit cards you can explore as an alternative.

More Pet Insurance Questions?

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