Even without your annual family feuds over politics, there are plenty of Thanksgiving insurance claims every holiday host should look out for! From cooking catastrophies to toxic turkeys, you’ll want to make sure that you’re adequately covered with solid insurance. To help you with your holiday hosting protection plan, our insurance experts are here to highlight the 4 most popular Thanksgiving claims and how to avoid them!

Common Thanksgiving Insurance Claims

1. Frying Fire Follies

Among the most popular cooking catastrophes, turkey frying mishaps tend to top the list on Thanksgiving. In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Association, cooking-related house fires spike 3 times higher than any other day of the year! So, make sure your turkey is thoroughly thawed before deep frying it, and keep this particular adventure limited to the great outdoors! Also, make sure your home insurance policy is equipped to cover any mishaps – review your coverage with a trusted insurance advisor.

2. Drunk Driving Disasters

Another very real statistic about Thanksgiving insurance claims has to do with drinking and driving. While that extra glass of wine may be just the thing to help you endure the family feuds and chaos of the holidays, driving may be another story. The NSC has the alcohol-related traffic fatalities climbing from 28% to 34% on Thanksgiving day! Since you, as the host, are liable for any guests that hit the Wild Turkey too hard and hit the road, make sure everyone drinks responsibly and your insurance has you covered!

Thanksgiving Insurance Claims: Pro Tip

Keeping everyone responsible behooves your guests and you, as the liable host! Make sure to have a plan in place for any guests that may need to stay overnight and off the roads!

3. Toxic Turkey Trainwrecks

Speaking of your cooking strategy, you should be aware of how prevalant food poisoning from under-cooked turkey is on Thanksgiving! Although we don’t have specific statistics relating to Thanksgiving, we can report that the CDC estimates that one in six Americans suffer from food poisoning each year! So, given those odds, definitely make sure your turkey is properly cooked! As far as your insurance goes, the Thanksgiving host carries the liability for any poisoned guests, so this is an area you should probably discuss with a trusted insurance advisor!

4. Bewildered Biting Beasts

Believe it or not, dog bites are a pretty common insurance claim on Thanksgiving. Considering all the new faces and holiday hubbub that comes with hosting Thanksgiving, even the most docile dog can become a biter. That said, if you have the right insurance policy in place, you can ensure a level of protection in the event that your pet lashes out at one of your guests. It’s wise to check with a trusted insurance advisor to find out what your state pet liability laws are, and what your coverage options are with your home or renters insurance!

Thanksgiving insurance claims

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