Couple Up Your Coverage & Fall in Love with the Savings

It’s Valentine’s day and love is in the air! Whether you plan to celebrate with that special someone or embrace your independence as a footloose and fancy-free bachelor/bachelorette, we hope you feel loved and special today. But wait a minute – we are an independent insurance agency – why are we writing a blog about Valentine’s day? Well, we are reminded of a different type of coupling that can provide you with the same level of security and happiness as being in the arms of your love – bundling! So, our experts at Lifetime are here to tell you about ways you can couple up your coverage and fall in love with the potential savings you could earn! 

Couple Up Your Coverage

Common Ways to Couple Up Your Coverage

We all know that not two couples are the same. However, we all also probably know a few archetypal couples in our own lives who just seem to fit some common universal cliches. In the context of insurance, we are going to focus on the most common coverage couplings. 

1. The “PDA” Couple: Home & Auto

We all know at least one PDA couple – the most common and visible couple out there. With the constant displays of public affection, there’s no room left to question this coupling. Silly as it might sound, this is sort of the perfect description for where home and auto coverage lie as a couple in the insurance world. It’s definitely the most common type of bundling, and for good reason – most everyone has a home and car to insure, and bundling is a great path to  savings!

Q: My home insurance rates have really risen this year – how will those rising rates impact my ability to save by bundling with auto?

A: Rates have been going up this year due to inflation, higher cost of labor and materials, and the winter storm in Texas. If you have your auto and home are with separate carriers consider asking your agent if a bundle would be a good option for you. Most insurance carriers will offer a discount to clients who have more than one policy with them. If you are looking to lower your rates the classic home and auto bundle might be the answer you are looking for! 

2. The “Ross & Rachel”: Renters & Auto

Anyone slightly familiar with the show “Friends” probably knows about the ambiguity surrounding the romance of Ross and Rachel. The constant “will they/won’t they” and “are they together or are they not?” is a fascinating roller coaster. You’ve also probably known at least one couple in your life who has danced this confusing tango.

Well, we thought this stereotypical couple fit the bill when many consider coupling their renters and auto insurance together. This may not be as common as home and auto, and there are often some perceived gray areas among clients who want to bundle these two policies.

However, if you are a renter and looking for ways to save, consider asking your agent if bundling your renters and auto insurance together will make a difference. While renter’s policies are typically inexpensive, the bundle can be a huge savings on your auto policy. Also, if you only have a vehicle and are looking to rent, remember to ask your agent if a bundle might be a good option for you.  

Q: How does bundling renters and auto insurance work?

A: Renters and auto bundling is one of the most overlooked ways to save. Whether you are renting an apartment, condo, or home, bundling renters and auto might be a good option for you! The easiest way to bundle would be by asking your current insurance agent for a bundle quote. Let them know you are required to have renters insurance and they should be able to help you find the best rate. 

3. The “Long-Haulers”: Home & Life

You may also know that couple whose love is one of the most reliable, long-term examples that restores your faith in soul mates. They evolve with life’s changes and possess that kind of love and bond that can’t be broken. With the right coupling of life insurance and home insurance or auto insurance, you can experience reliable savings and coverage with real staying power for the long-term.

Q: Beyond potential savings, what are the benefits of bundling my life insurance with another policy? Is there a certain type of policy that is best to bundle with my life insurance?

A: Depending on the carrier, some insurance companies will offer discounts for having a life insurance policy in addition to having home and auto policies. When it comes to love, there is no greater act than making sure your spouse and family are taken care of. The peace of mind that comes with having life insurance is worth every penny! If you want to make sure your loved ones are taken care of, sit down with a trusted Lifetime advisor to help you come up with the best plan for your family. 

4. The “#RelationshipGoals” Couple: Multiple Policy Bundle

Perhaps one of the most annoying couples ever is the “#RelationshipGoals” couple. They are the perfect couple that seems to have it all: chemistry that doesn’t quit, personalities that just compliment one another, they hardly ever fight, and they’ve somehow struck the perfect balance between the right amount of PDA and sense of independence within the relationship.

While you may be secretly repulsed by the perfection of the “#RelationshipGoals” couple in your life, there’s no reason you can’t strike a similar form of perfection with your insurance policies! In fact, our example of a “#RelationshipGoals” coverage coupling can be found in bundling multiple policies for the best discounts. If you have home, auto, and boat or motorcycle insurance, you can bundle all of these policies under one carrier for some great savings and equally great coverage. 

Q: Will bundling multiple policies under one provider limit my coverage options/flexibility?

A: Yes, typically the more policies you have with one carrier the greater your bundle savings will be. Each policy is eligible to receive a discount for the other policies you have with that carrier. Therefore, the more policies you have the greater the discount percentage will be. Bundling is not limited to home and auto. For example, if you have a boat, motorcycle, ATV, golf cart, umbrella or personal articles policy, you may be eligible to receive a bundle discount. Maximize your savings by reaching out to a Lifetime insurance advisor today! 

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