With all the new models and options for customization available now, golf carts are no longer just for golfers. In fact, you can usually find some custom golf carts in most suburban neighborhoods. Whether you’re a regular out on the links or prefer not to venture beyond your neighborhood, you can easily save on golf cart insurance with the right coverage in place. Read on to discover 4 ways savvy people save on golf cart insurance.

save on golf cart insurance

How You Can Save on Golf Cart Insurance

In order to ensure that you don’t sacrifice any essential coverage for the sake of savings, you should take inventory of your insurance needs, including a review of your state’s low speed vehicle and golf cart law requirements. Once you’ve assessed the level of coverage you need, consider the following solutions to save on golf insurance:


Unsure What Coverage You Need?

If you’re not quite sure what your coverage needs are, check out our article covering the different types of coverage!

save on golf cart insurance

1. Explore Bundling Options

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times on dozens of insurance commercials – bundling your home and auto can save you money. What you may not know is the same goes for your golf cart insurance. If you can insure your golf cart with the same company that insures your home and auto, there may be a bundling discount you can take advantage of. 

save on golf cart insurance

2. Pay in Full

Although this may not be a feasible option for everyone, if you are able to pay in full for your policy, you can save a pretty penny on golf cart insurance. If this is an avenue you want to explore, talk to your provider to find out what type of discounts they can offer if you pay for your annual coverage upfront, rather than on a monthly basis. 

save on golf cart insurance

3. Drive Safely

Another method to save on golf cart insurance is utilizing a responsible driver discount. Many providers, like Progressive, offer a discount on coverage to drivers who have not had an accident in the past three years. If you fit this bill, you should ask your provider if you are eligible for a responsible driver discount.

save on golf cart insurance

4. Consider a Homeowners Discount

Do you own your home? If so, you may be eligible for a homeowners discount on your golf cart insurance! Although most insurance providers offer this discount, it’s always best to check with your insurer, and then work with an insurance specialist to shop around for some price comparisons. 

save on golf cart insurance

Discover Even More Ways to Save on Golf Cart Insurance

Although these 4 steps toward savings will get you off to a good start, there are even more ways you can maximize your dollars without sacrificing your coverage needs. Our team of insurance experts at Lifetime can help you build a custom plan to fit your lifestyle, while making sure you utilize the discounts available to you. If you’re ready to build your custom golf cart insurance plan today, give Lifetime Insurance a call at (972) 771- 2622, or visit our site!


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