Becoming a homeowner is one of the proudest moments you can experience in life – it’s the culmination of all your hard work and years of savings. Considering the work you’ve put into getting here, the right home insurance policy is a necessity, not a luxury. However, before you settle for the standard plan, there are some things your home insurance does not cover that may surprise you! To help you navigate this exciting new chapter, our insurance experts are here to fill you in.

home insurance does not cover

1. Your Jewelry

Many first-time homeowners are suprised to find that the standard home insurance does not cover valuable jewelry to the extent they need. While your policy will provide some coverage for your valuables, it’s typically not enough insurance for items like your engagement ring or family hierlooms. Since jewelry is typically at a high risk of theft, insurers limit the coverage. That’s why you may want to talk to your insurance specialist about adding an endorsement to your home insurance policy, to provide extra coverage for your pricier jewelry.

home insurance does not cover

2. Your Firearms

While the personal property liability coverage under your home insurance policy does offer some protection for your firearms, there are limits to that coverage, just like your jewelry. If your collection of firearms can be valued over $5,000, you will definitely need to add more coverage to your home insurance policy. If this is the case, you can either add more on top of your personal property liability coverage, or you can schedule your guns under itemized personal property coverage. Your insurance specialist will be able to help you choose the best option for you. 

home insurance does not cover

3. Rodent, Insect, & Mold Damage

Although we doubt you would neglect your brand new house, there are damges your home insurance does not cover. Damage resulting from neglect or poor maintenance like mold, termite or rodent damage, rot, and general wear and tear are usually not covered. So, be sure to keep up with repairs and tackle any signs of damage as soon as possible!

home insurance does not cover

4. Sewer Backups

Another thing your home insurance does not cover is damage resulting from sewer backups. That being said, there are options with most insurance providers to purchase sewer backup insurance as a separate policy or as a scheduled endorsement to your current plan. Whatever the case may be, it’s definitely coverage you will want to have if disaster strikes!

home insurance does not cover

5. Natural Disasters

Believe it or not, natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and hail are not covered by most home insurance plans. Even in the most disaster-prone states, homeowners have to go beyond their standard policy to get the coverage they need for these what-ifs. For flood coverage, you can purchase a policy from the National Flood Insurance Program, while earthquake, water, and hail damage can often be added with an endorsement.

home insurance does not cover

6. Canine Attacks

Last but not least on the list of surprising things your home insurance does not cover are dog attacks. In fact, even if you choose to purchase a separate pet insurance policy, many insurers will not offer coverage for dog breeds that are widely known to be aggressive. So, if you do have a pit bull, you may be out of luck. However, any dog is capable of misbehaving – if your dog does bite a house guest, your home insurance can cover claims up to your policy limit.

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