If you’re new to renting, you may find the task of buying renters insurance more daunting than anticipated. You may also be surprised by some things that your policy does not cover. To prepare you for whatever comes your way, our insurance experts are here to tell you all about the most common items that standard policies don’t cover!

1. Earthquakes

Believe it or not, earthquakes are not typically covered by renters insurance. The good news is that among the many threats Mother Nature poses to Texans, earthquakes rank pretty low. However, many new renters find it surprising that damage incurred by an earthquake is not usually covered under the standard renters insurance policy.

2. Flooding

Now, when it comes to flooding, most Texas renters’ ears perk up. Our storms are no joke, and flood damage is a very real possibility. While your basic renters insurance does not cover flood damage, you can purchase flood damage coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or from a private company specializing in flood insurance. 

3. Your Roommate

Another surprising area your renters insurance policy does not cover is your roommate’s valuables. So, if playing “Call of Duty” on your roommate’s gaming system is a favorite passtime, you should urge them to purchase their own renters insurance to cover that equipment!

4. Accidental Loss by Owner

If you are prone to losing things around your home, you will probably find this particular one disappointing. Unfortunately, misplacing or losing your brand new iPhone is not covered by your renters insurance policy. 

5. Pest Damage

No, we are not referring to your messy, disaster-prone roommate (no matter how much of a pest they are!) As if having a rodent infestation or bed-bug outbreak isn’t horrific enough, your renters insurance policy does not cover the resulting damage from such an invasion! 

6. Pet Damage

Last but not least is pet damage. Although some insurers offer pet damage as an add-on to your plan, most standard renters insurance plans do not include this area of coverage. So, if you have a pet with a propensity for messes and mischeif, this is an important factor to consider. 

Bodily harm caused by a pet may fall under renters liability coverage. However, many insurers exclude coverage for aggressive dog breeds, such as pit bulls!


Additional Things Your Policy Does Not Cover

Some additional things your renters insurance does not cover is car damage or theft. That is where your comprehensive car insurance will kick in. Another thing your policy does not cover is rare items and collectibles. That being said, you can work with your insurance expert to add coverage for specific valuables with a scheduled property endorsement.

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Find Coverage that Works for You

Considering the many things your policy does not cover, it’s that much more imperative to find a renters insurance policy that works best for you. By working with our experts at Lifetime, you can count on custom coverage that won’t leave any holes in protection. Build the perfect insurance plan with our help – give us a call at (972) 771-2622 or visit our website!

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