Car insurance and holiday travel don’t usually coincide for most of us. That being said, this unprecedented pandemic year has brought some undeniable changes to many of our holiday plans. From your usual in-person gatherings going virtual to socially-distanced place settings, the holiday itself will be different this year. If you plan to take your airborn travels to the open road, our insurance experts have some smart car insurance tips to help you, your loved ones, and your fellow road trippers gain some peace of mind during your travels.

1. Review Your Current Coverage

Before you start looking at additional coverage to add to your car insurance policy, assess your current coverage, first. With the help of a trusted insurance expert, review your policy to make sure that it meets the state-required minimum liability coverage. Luckily, your coverage usually extends across state lines, as long as your policy meets the minimum liability coverage within your home state.

2. Beef Up Your Roadside Assistance

Once you’ve procured adequate liability coverage for your travels, it’s time to focus on the what-ifs. While the spontenaity of the open road promises an air of romance, it also brings along some risk. From catching a flat tire to a serioius accident, you’ll want to have a solid plan to face these unknowns. With that in mind, consider adding some supplemental insurance to beef up your roadside assistance.

Car Insurance and Holiday Travel: Pro Tip

While the road less travelled is safer in many ways, it’s easier to get stranded if you break down! If it’s not included in your policy, there’s always AAA , or even built-in roadside assistance with your credit card company!

3. Cover Your Travel Companion

For longer road trips, you may have plans to take turns behind the wheel with one of your travelling companions. While this is especially understandable for trips lasting overnight or over multiple days, the car owner shouldn’t hand over the keys unless their insurance policy includes permissive use. Simply put, a permissive use clause is an option offered by most insurers extending coverage to drivers outside of your plan who use the vehicle infrequently (typically a 12 times/year, maximum.) So, if your car will be driven by another travel companion, make sure your policy includes coverage to protect them!

4. Protect Your Attached Trailer

If you will be travelling with an attached trailer, you should definitely make sure your car insurance covers the trailer and the items in it.  You’ll also need to do some research on the requirements within any states you’ll be travelling through. Even if your car insurance sufficiently covers a trailer in your home state, other states may require additional coverage. Furthermore, you may want to add some separate comprehensive or collision coverage to protect the contents inside your trailer. A call or visit with your insurance specialist will help you narrow your options and choose the right coverage for you.

Car Insurance and Holiday Travel: The What-Ifs

The longer the road trip, the higher the risk of accident involvement with an uninsured driver. Plan ahead by adding uninsured driver coverage to your policy. 

Car Insurance and Holiday Travel: A Final Road Trip Tip

Now that we’ve shared the essentials with you, there is one final and very important road trip tip to mention. Before embarking on your holiday excursion, make sure you have an organized and accessible place in your car to keep your insurance, license, and registration in one spot. To make life even easier, most insurers now have a mobile app you can download to easily access your insurance information!

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