Setting aside the obvious topic of finding the right RV insurance, we want to paint a picture. Any RVer knows that invigorating moment when you pull out of your driveway and head toward your next adventure. With your RV packed full of all the road trip essentials and your day packed full of promise, you’re ready to become one with the open road. Most RV owners also know that with the freedom of any open road excursion comes the need for the right RV insurance. That’s why the Lifetime Insurance experts are here to help guide you on your journey to choosing the right RV insurance.

1. How Will You Use Your RV?

If you’re asking the question: What insurance should I get for my RV? , we have some advice on factors you should consider to help you narrow it down. Before you can choose the right RV insurance, you should consider how you intend to use your RV. Start by evaluating the following:

    • Frequency of Use: Depending on the frequency of your RV trips, your insurance needs will vary. Even if your trips only last a day or two, having those trips every weekend may impact the level of coverage you need.
    • Length of Your RV Trips: If your plans involve shorter weekend trips or occasional vacations, you’re going to benefit much more from a part-time or recreational insurance policy. However, if you’re more of a cross-country trekker, you’ll want to consider a full-time plan with more robust coverage.
    choosing the right rv insurance

    Who is Joining You?

    Once you’ve determined how often and how long you’ll be away, youll need to assess who you’ll be bringing on your adventures. If you’ll be traveling with younger kids, older family members, or even bringing your pets, you may want to explore more robust coverage than the standard recreational plan.

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    2. What Will Your RV Adventures Entail?

    Depending on whether you are a weekend wanderer or a long-term traveler, you should consider what your RV journey might entail. For instance, if your upcoming camping trip will take you off the beaten path, the possibility of injury or damage may be greater. As a measure to help you prepare for nature’s unknowns, you can talk to your insurance advisor about adding vacation liability coverage to your plan.

    When Your Plans Change

    Regardless of how you’re utilizing your RV, our insurance experts can help you adapt your coverage to whatever life brings. So, even if you’re jusst a casual camper right now, we’ll be here to help you expand your coverage, when you’re ready for that cross-country retirement trip!

    choosing the right RV insurance

    3. What Is the Right RV Insurance for the Value of Your RV?

    After you have identified how you plan to use your RV, it’s important to know its value. This will help you weigh your options for total-loss coverage. If you choose to go the route of cash value coverage, your insurance provider will pay you the cash value of your RV in the event of a total loss. As a second option, you can opt for agreed value coverage. Under this policy, you will work with your insurance provider to set an agreed upon dollar amount that your RV is worth at the time the policy is written. For Texas RV owners, you can check out more about insurance requirements here: 

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    Finding the Fair Market Value

    Most people who buy a new RV will base the value on the purchase price – but what if you inherited your RV from your adventurous aunt or bought it used for a steal? In this case, you’ll need to prove a higher value. This is especially important in protecting the investments you make in maintenance and any upgrades you may add to your RV. So, how do you determine the fair market value of your RV? You can explore the following options:

    • Look for the fair market value in RV price guides found online or in bookstores.
    • Scour the internet for comparable selling prices for your specific make and model.
    • Enlist the help of a professional appraiser.
    choosing the right RV insurance

    Determining Factors

    Whichever appraisal method you choose, it’s a good idea to enter the process with a clear idea of what the determining factors are for the value. Things such as amenities, upgrades like a tankless water heater, mileage, and age are some key factors that will determine the value of your RV.

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    4. Do You Have Attached Appliances?

    Another essential consideration when choosing the right RV insurance will be your appliances. Even if you don’t plan to use your RV as a permanent or long-term residence, you may have still sprung for that satellite dish. If you’ve added some expensive appliances like this to your RV, it’s important to include them under your liability coverage.

    Amenities Matter

    When choosing the right RV insurance, don’t overlook amenities. Especially if you have attached appliances like a satellite dish, refrigerator, or tankless water heater, you will want to take them into consideration when reviewing your coverage options.

    choosing the right RV insurance

    Explore Additional Discounts

    As you continue your search for the right RV insurance, consider joining an RV club. Not only does joining a club like the National RV Owners Association put you in touch with fellow RVers, but that membership may qualify you for a discount. Another way you can earn some savings on your insurance is completing an approved state RV safety course, such as those provided by the RV Safety and Education Foundation.

    Joining a club like the National RV Owners Association can qualify you for even deeper discounts!

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