For many, Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year. That said, there are plenty of Christmas insurance claims that can quickly turn your favorite holiday into “Riskmas”! To help you keep the season merry and bright, our insurance experts are here to share the top 4 Christmas claims to watch out for.

Look Out for These Christmas Insurance Claims:

1. Deck the Hall (But Don't Risk a Fall)

While the weather outside may not be too frightful, it can still get slippery out there, even in Texas! One of the most common insurance claims filed this time of year is a result of slip-and-fall incidents. Typically, the homeowner is liable for injuries that result from falls that happen on their property. So, while you deck the halls inside your home, be sure to salt the steps and walkways outside your home for holiday visitors!

2. Brave the Bustle (But Don't Hustle)

Another common spike we see at Christmas time is in the rate of auto accident-related insurance claims. This is partially due to the higher volume of people travelling on the road. However, another factor involves those last-minute shoppers, who are more focused on their Christmas to-do list than they are on the road. While you can’t control the holiday rush, you can make sure you’re insured with the best coverage!

Christmas Insurance Claims: Pro Tip

Giving a large-purchase gift this year? Purchase an insurance policy grand enough for the gesture!

3. Spread the Cheer (But Go Easy on the Beer)

In addition to the pre-holiday rush and high volume of travellers, drunk drivers also play a big part in the Christmas insurance claim spike. Not only should you be mindful of others on the road but you should avoid driving while impaired, yourself. Furthermore, if you’re hosting a holiday get-together this year, make sure everyone in attendance makes responsible, safe choices. If one of your guests over-indulges on the eggnog at your party and gets into a car accident, you could be held liable!

4. Light a Fire on Cold Days (But Mind the Blaze)

As a final Christmas caviat, make sure your home is not at risk of any fire hazards this season. While many house fires this time of year are caused by improper use of fireplaces, there are other dangers to be mindful of. For instance, if your Christmas tree is placed too close to a heat source like a furnace, heating vent, or even electronic device, one small spark could set the whole tree ablaze. Decorate your home and enjoy your fireplace safely!

Christmas Insurance Claims to File?

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