You’ve had many an epic adventure together. Traversing the toughest of roads, rain or shine, your motorcycle has taken care of you through it all. But how well are you taking care of your motorcycle? You may find yourself asking: What maintenance should I do on my motorcycle? Although it’s built to endure, the better you maintain your motorcycle, the longer it will last. To help you ensure many more years of open road adventures, our insurance experts are here with some maintenance tips!

Maintain Your Motorcycle with These Steps

1. Read the Owner’s Manual

This may sound like fingernails on a chalkboard to an eager new motorcycle owner, but it’s at the top of our list for a reason! Especially if you are new to this world, the owner’s manual will be your best friend when it comes to maintaining your bike. The good news is that these manuals are written for owners, not seasoned mechanics or veteran bikers! Familiarize yourself with the basic parts now, and routine maintenance will be much easier down the road!

2. Listen to Your Bike 

Okay, don’t worry – we aren’t about to break out the acoustic guitar, rain sticks, and initiate a soulful round of “Kumbaya”. What we really mean by “listen to your bike” is simple – take any unusual noises seriously! If you’re riding down your favorite back road and suddenly hear or feel a vibration, grinding, rattling, rasping, whistling, flapping, or clicking, pull over and take a look at your motorcycle. This could be the first sign of the need for some preventative maintenance. 

3. Check Your Tires Regularly

The average motorcycle, when carrying the weight of its rider, can total 600+ lbs. Considering the fact that the only buffer between that weight and the road are a few milometers of rubber, the health of your tires is pretty important! Bear in mind that most motorcycles require different tire pressure for front Vs. back wheels. That’s why it’s important to check your tires based on the recommended pressure in your owner’s manual.

4. Let Your Bike Warm Up

Even on the warmest of evenings in our great, sweltering state of Texas, a bike sitting in the driveway overnight is going to need some time to warm up the following day. After hours of sitting dormant, the oil will be at the bottom of the sump. That’s why it’s wise to always let the oil warm up before revving the throttle. As a general rule, allow at least 30 seconds for the oil to move around and for the temperature indicator to rise to the normal operating level.

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5. Check Your Fluids

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a vital part of your motorcycle that doesn’t require some form of liquid to function properly. From your engine to your clutch, brakes, and cooling, lubrication is key. Each of these parts will have a specific storage area or reservoire that holds the fluid needed to function. Consulting with your manual, regularly check these reservoires to ensure they are at the recommended levels. 

6. Change Your Oil and Air Filters 

Last but not least, make sure to change your oil and air filters as often as your manual recommends. As the main line of defense between your bike’s engine and harmful debris, your air filters are vital for keeping your motorcycle performing optimally. While you’re at it, be sure to regularly check and change your oil. While this may be a loftier task, depending on make and model, it’s a good way to learn your bike!

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