When it comes to winter weather, our great state can be just as independent as the Texans who live here! So, how do the smartest RV owners prepare for winter? While you may never know what you’re going to get from Mother Nature, you don’t have to let inclement weather sour your winter wanderlust. With that in mind, our insurance experts have put together this handy guide to let you in on some pro tips!

How the Smartest RV Owners Prepare for Winter

1. Upgrade Your Insulation

As you prepare your RV for cold weather, your first priority should be your insulation. Not only does the proper insulation keep heat inside, but it also protects important components to your RV, like your piping! Be sure to seal air leaks around windows and doors. To insulate your floors, you can either install foam board flooring or invest in a thick rug. Finally, add some RV skirting to keep cold winds from freezing your water tank and sucking out heat!

2. Protect Your Plumbing

Nothing stinks worse than mid-trip RV repairs – except for mid-trip plumbing problems! Jokes aside, the last thing you want during your RV adventures is your plumbing pipes freezing over or bursting. To avoid this misfortune, you can wrap your pipes with heat tape before heading out. You can also add a small amount of antifreeze to holding tanks that aren’t protected by a heat source, or just opt to use your internal freshwater tank for the bulk of your needs.

Pro Tip:

For your next RV camping trip, map out the RV parks along your route, and learn the  compliance guidelines  for those parks beforehand!

3. Prepare Your Engine

Another way the smartest RV owners prepare for winter is maintaining their engine. Your RV engine needs a lot of TLC, especially during extreme winter months. Furthermore, RV batteries that are only partially charged tend to freeze up or die much easier. That’s why you should inspect your RV batteries before you leave for your winter road trips, making sure they are fully charged and properly connected.

4. Fire Up Your Furnace

Finally, before setting out on your chilly trek, fire up your furnace to ensure it’s ready for the road. In preparing your furnace for your trip, you should clean away dust and debris with a soft brush or compressed air, and check the vents for any damage. If you choose to use an additional space heater, you should also make sure it’s in working order and is stored in a safe, dry space before you hit the road.

smartest RV owners prepare for winter

The Smartest RV Owners Prepare for Winter with Lifetime

Although we’ve covered some important tips for RVing during the colder months, the smartest RV owners prepare for winter with the best insurance. If you’re looking for comprehensive coverage that will protect you every step (and misstep) of the way, our team at Lifetime Insurance has got your back! Give us a call at  (972) 771-2622 or visit our website. 

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