If you ride a motorcycle, you’re already inclined to live life on the edge, and motorcycle safety is probably not often as the forefront of your mind. It’s pretty hard to beat that feeling of freedom that a ride out on the open road brings. That said, taking the right safety measures and knowing you’re adequately insured for the what-ifs only enhances that freedom. So, in honor of National Motorcycle Safety Month, our pros have some easy ways you can step up your safety and enjoy your rides even more!

Motorcycle Safety Upgrades

Before we get too far into ways you can step up your safety, we have a few upgrades for you to consider:

motorcycle safety

Your Gear

For rougher roads, longer travel, and trickier weather, you’ll need more gear for the what-ifs.

motorcycle safety

Your Bike

Regular maintenance and tune-ups are a must to keep your bike ready and safe for the road.

motorcycle safety

Your Devices

There are many devices you can add to your bike, like built-in GPS, to make your rides easier!

4 Motorcycle Safety Tips

1. Plan Beyond the Expected

For as many twists and turns that can happen on the road, there are just as many measures you can take to repare for them! With the right helmet, gloves, and jacket/vest, everything from riding through inclimate weather to braving the road at night will be much safer. You should also map out your route for longer trips, with plenty of stops along the way. It’s a good idea to let a reliable friend or family member know your route, in case of an emergency!

2. Treat Your Bike Well

Even if your motorcycle is your pride and joy, you may find it easy to fall behind on regular maintenance. While more frequent riders should take their bike in for a professional tune-up more often, it’s a solid rule of thumb to take it in at the start of each season (every 3-4 months). That said, you should always check your battery, brakes, tires, and gears for functionality before hitting the road for your next ride.

Motorcycle Safety in Numbers

Looking for a tribe to ride with? There are plenty of motorcycle groups you can join right here in the sate of Texas! Learn more at the link below. 

3. Beef Up Your Security

Especially on longer trips, it’s important to protect your bike and your belongings from theft and vandalism. In addition to using your steering column lock, consider investing in a disc brake lock with an alarm system. If you’re carrying belongings for an extended trip, it’s best to use hard luggage with a lock and key. Always keep your spare key in an interior zip-up pocket of your riding jacket or vest.

4. Hone Your Riding Skills

Even the most seasoned riders can find new ways to improve their skills and safety on the road. In fact, there are plenty of motorcycle training courses you can enroll in to brush up on your current knowledge, and learn a thing or two more about riding. To add an extra cherry on top, some safety training courses can help you earn access to great insurance discounts with many providers!

Step Up Your Motorcycle Safety

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Improve Your Motorcycle Safety

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