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Lifetime Insurance Services, Inc. quote forms are a basic set of questions that will greatly reduce the amount of processing time for our agents. A licensed insurance agent will still need to speak with you in order to provide the most accurate quote. Once the agent has received all answered questions, it typically only takes a few minutes to get you the lowest possible insurance rate.

Lifetime Insurance Services, Inc. agents will attempt to you the lowest rate with multiple national carriers represented by Lifetime Insurance Services, Inc. and may refer it to a company they think can offer the best rate. These carriers may run underwriting reports in order to provide an accurate quote. By submitting any online quote form, you authorize us or them to run consumer reports including, but not limited to C.L.U.E., MVR, UDD, and credit.

All quote forms submitted to Lifetime Insurance Services, Inc. are subject to underwriting guidelines, review, and approval process. Products and discounts are not available to all persons in all states.


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