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Lifetime-Insurance-ServicesHere at Lifetime, we are just as devoted as to our clients as we are to their pets! We take pride in helping the clients we serve to provide the best care possible to their furry family, at the best price possible.

Accident Only

An accident-only plan covers anything from ingestion of poisonous or foreign objects to broken bones. So, if your disaster-prone dog or curious cat like to live life on the edge, this plan may come in handy!

Accident & Illness

Accident and illness coverage is the most common type of plan. In addition to accidental injuries, it helps cover the expense of long-term issues from digestive problems to infections or cancer.

Embedded Wellness

Insurance with embedded wellness covers everything from the routine to the unforeseen. So, everything from preventative care like heartworm vaccinations to treatment of chronic illness is covered.


Simply put, an endorsement is an add-on to your plan. For instance, if your policy only covers accident and illness, you can schedule an endorsement to also cover wellness expenses.

There are many ways to save on Pet Insurance. Find out which discounts you qualify for today – start with a quote!

Common Pet Insurance Exclusions

Pet insurance providers do not offer coverage for pre-existing conditions. This means that the cost of treating any conditions that occurred or presented clinical symptoms before your policy started will not be covered. 

Although it may seem too specific to be real, pre-existing cruciate ligament injuries are bilaterally excluded by some pet insurance providers. So, if your pet injures the cruciate ligament on their left leg before enrolling or during the waiting period, the cruciate ligament on their right leg is excluded from coverage.

Believe it or not, not every provider offers wellness coverage, while others offer it only after you purchase a pricey medical plan.  

Most providers will exclude coverage of pets younger than 6 to 10 weeks. On the other end of the spectrum, some providers have an age cap on coverage. So, if you need to insure an elderly pet, you may find that your sole option is an accident-only plan. 

Common Ways to Save on Pet Insurance

Enroll Multiple Pets

Many providers will offer a discount on your premium if you enroll multiple pets in an insurance plan. So, if you are worried about the cost of covering your menagerie of furry family members, you may actually save with the right discount!

Pay Annually & Upfront

In most cases, providers will allow you the option to pay annually upfront – and they’ll usually offer a discount for doing it! Not only is this a great way to save some money, but it eliminates the headache of making those monthly payments!

Comparison Shop

Pet insurance rates are decided based on many factors that aren’t weighed the same by every insurer. That’s why it usually pays to shop different providers and plans annually with an expert you trust.

Invest in Preventative Care

Preventative care coverage enables you to head off serious health issues at the pass. While you pay more upfront, those extra vet visits make a long-term difference in your pet’s health. 

Buy Young

Similar to your own health insurance rates, pet insurance rates will be lower the younger the pet is at the time of enrollment. That’s why buying insurance while your pet is young is a wise choice.

Customize Your Plan

A smart way to cut costs without losing coverage is customizing your pet insurance. With the right plan, you’ll never pay for coverage you don’t need, and you’ll never go without the coverage you do need.

pet insurance

4 Tips for Buying Pet Insurance

If you’re an animal lover like we are, you aren’t being hyperbolic when you call your pets your fur babies. Your pets truly are family, and the joy and sense of well being they bring to your life can hardly be measured. With that in mind, choosing the right pet insurance can make a significant difference in the health and wellness of both you and your pets. However, there are many factors you’ll need to consider when choosing your provider and plan that you may not be aware of . . . . .


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I had no idea I could save this much over going straight to a single large carrier. I found the same or increased coverage and a better price. They answered every question I had and found the best price. Everything I needed from an insurance agent and more.

P.B. | McKinney TX


Very helpful and friendly staff. I moved all my insurance needs to Lifetime Insurance because of the savings and service. They helped me find the best coverage and price for my car, homeowners, boat, and even my golf cart insurance.

B.D. | Garland TX


Great experience Jon is always helpful, very professional puts together options and explains in detail how they differ. Their team is willing to go the extra mile to get me taken care of! Highly recommend...

M.H. | Rockwall TX


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