4 Wildfire Season Safety Tips for Homeowners

As you have likely already heard, wildfire season is upon us, with a whopping 13 active fires just in the state of Texas, according to the latest report from the Texas A&M Forest Service! With drouts being the culprit, there is unfortunately not much we can do to squelch Mother Nature’s fiery agenda. However, as homeowners in our great state of Texas, there are plenty of measures we can take to protect our homes, communities, and loved ones. Our Lifetime Insurance experts are here to tell you about 4 of those safety measures you can take to help protect what matters most to you within your home, and on your property. Read on to pick up some important tips!

Although our insurance experts are here to provide you some proactive steps to take to protect your home during this wildfire season, it’s also a good idea to check with your local fire department to see what they might look for during a home safety inspection. While we aren’t firefighters, we are pros at protecting your home, so, without further ado, here are some DIY measures you can take starting today!

1. Protect Your Perimeters

A common fire hazard that many homeowners overlook is outside the house. Consider installing metal screens inside all vents to keep flying embers from entering your home. While you’re fire-proofing your perimeters, take special care to mainntni your landscaping. One of the greatest hazards to a house during a wildfire situation is dead brush and overhanging dry branches.

2. Fix Your Fence

A lot goes into being a good neighbor – especially when it comes to being a responsible homeowner during wildfire season. If your fence overlaps with your neighbors’ fence, it could actually be devastating in the event of a fire, for both you and your neighbors. So, it’s a good idea to inspect your fenceline on all sides of your house, and talk to your neighbors about addressing any overlapping areas.

3. Identify Your "Zones"

As any seasoned firefighter would tell you, there are areas around every home known as “ignition zones”. These zones include the 5 feet immediately around your home, 30 feet around your home, and 20feet around your home. Make sure each zone is free and clear of debris, ensuring any areas like porches and decks are fee of all combustible or flammable materials.

4. Use Fire-Resistant Materials

Are you building or remodeling your home? If so, it’s a great idea to stay ahead of any wildfires by using fire-resistant materials such as non-combustible roofing, soffits, decking and siding. Additionally, you can look into fire-rated glass or fire shutters for your windows. Evaluating the way you design your home and the materials you use can make all the difference in the event of a wildfire. 

Protect Your Home Beyond Wildfire Season

Now that you have all the tools in your arsenal to make some DIY safety improvements around your home for wildfire season, you can allow our insurance experts to do the rest! From wildfires to hailstorms, our team can help you build a custom home insurance policy that will protect your home year round, along with everything and everyone in it. If you’re ready to let us shop your policy and help you find the right coverage at the right price, give us a call at (972) 771-2622 or contact us for a quote  on our website!

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